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The Power Of Print Media | Brochures Printing London

Brochures Printing London: These days we are bombarded with constant interruptions from emails, texts, and online advertising in the form of videos, gifts and other moving images. It’s comforting to know that the power of print media and advertising still has an important role to play in your business’s marketing mix. Research has shown that people remember print advertisements longer than they do online advertisements and often understand the purpose of the advertisement better.

So if you want to kick-start your business growth and attract the attention of a local market, there is no better way to start than commissioning some brochure printing at Charing Cross Printing, right here in London. With some of the best designers and printers in the business, we can create some very professional brochures which will represent your company in it very best light.

Our brochures can provide customers with a clear, succinct, overview of your products or services and showcase them to their best effect. Brochures are a great way to reach out to your customers and potential customers. They enable them to have the time to peruse your offering and allow the message to sink in and take effect. Their impact lasts longer than that of video or online advertisement because they can be looked at when convenient, held and can be returned to at a later date. They also re-enforce your company branding and tend to be remembered long after video or online advertising and used for reference.

Every brochure should have an objective behind it, something you can measure to decide, whether or not the print brochure has been effective or not. It should be your intent to engage your audience and set out memorable information which will motivate your customers to act and choose your business services or products.
The old adage, keep it simple stupid, or KISS, very much applies when dealing with print advertisements. The last thing you want to do with your brochure is to try and over complicate the message or add too much text to the brochure. Professional imagery and photographs are very important as quality of print finish to ensure that you have a high quality product which reflects your high quality business. A few tips to help you make the best decision when deciding about what information to include in your Brochures Printing London:

  1. Make sure you use recent images
  2. Use large photographs and make sure they are of high resolution
  3. Use headings to break up text
  4. Know your USPs and highlight these
  5. Heavier paper can trigger the brain to associate this with higher quality.
  6. Know your target audience and write in the appropriate tone of voice.

Here at Charing Cross Print we can help you design your brochure and choose the layout and color scheme which sets your company offering off to its best advantage. We are passionate about driving your business, because your sales and marketing success, is our success. Without our customers, we have nothing. We can help design brochures, leaflets and booklets which will convey your message to customers with simplicity, clarity and knowledge. Can you afford not to get Brochures Printing London today?

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